A CASE STUDY: As part of NEC Birmingham’s ongoing refurbishment programme, LX Interior Film was specified to refurbish one of the many washroom facilities.

Some of the key features of this case study:

  • The washroom was totally transformed in under 7 days
  • An elegant ‘Marble’ design was used on the walls… a ‘Classic Wood’ look for the cubicle doors… matched with a Grey Metallic finish for the pilasters and IPS panels
  • 6 years on and still in great condition!
  • Fire rated and IMO Certified our interior films can be specified with confidence for a wide range of applications
  • With over 400 designs and finishes to choose from, walls, doors, panelling, skirting and architrave can be quickly refurbished to provide a stunning and cost effective finish

Special thanks to T6 for their kind permission to feature their work in this video.

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spAce interior films Case Study video, NEC Birmingham washroom facilities refurbished by T6.

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