You can find the most frequently asked questions about interior films, our Company, our products and general interior application queries here….

We have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our customers, but if you’re unable to find the answer to your question below please feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the width and Length?
Mostly 1220mm x 50 linear metres (GS, PW & Outdoor 30 lm).
Box dims 129cm x 22cm x 22cm.

Is it fire rated?
Yes! It has an EN13501, B, S1,d0 similarly equivalent to Class O, also Class A spread of flame.
IMO Maritime and MED, EN45545 Rail, DIN4102.

What does the fire rating mean?
“B” is for the combustibility, anything lower is incombustible! “S” is for smoke and toxic chemicals S1 being the lowest for both! “d0” is for droplets, within a period of 40mins no transfer of fire through droplets.

How much does it weigh?
27kg per 50 lm or 0.5kg/lm.

Can you join it together?
Yes, use a 25mm overlap leaving both backing papers on and cut through centre as a splice cut, ensuring primer has been appropriately used.

What is the pattern repeat?
In most cases it is possible to blend without, however, if pattern matching is required 1000mm (1500mm BM&BW) is the standard and usually 50-100mm bleed in from the edges!

Does it have an antimicrobial treatment?
No. As PVC is naturally impervious to germs for its hard to cling to and easily wiped clean and a good cleaning regime is more effective.

Can I use it in wet areas?
Not in direct wet areas like shower cubical, however, Interior Film is stable from -20 to +60 and up to 90% relative humidity (swimming pools are approx 75%RH) so most associated areas would be ok.

What can it stick to?
Designed to adhere to timber, plastic, metal, glass; most substrates providing they are relatively smooth and dry.
NB: Surface Energy Varies. Always use a primer.

Can it be printed on?
Success has been with both UV and Latex. Fuses to the protective film.

How long will it last?
It has no change in the TABER JIS abrasion test (the same result leading brand floor paints achieve) manufacturer 3 Year Warranty, a life expectancy of 10 Years

Can it be conformed with heat?
Yes, max of 10% without distortion, suggest using primer PM04 for extra adhesion. But always do a test area, remember tension and the more you stretch the thinner it becomes.

What do I do with small returns?
Any external returns smaller than 20mm will need the aid of Primer PM04.

What’s best to repair the substrate?
For speed and hardness, suggestion P38 car repair and prime.

Do I apply it wet or dry?
Always apply to dry substrates never wet.

What temperatures can it be installed at?
+10 degrees. If temperatures are low, a heat gun maybe used to warm the surface but not guaranteed.
Ambient temperature conditions suitable to wear a T-Shirt

Which primer to use?
LG water based PM04 is considered more user friendly for lower odours and can be diluted 1:1.

When to use primer?
It is advised to use primer in all instances especially when the film is put under tension, small return, overlapping and exposed edges, jointing or to consolidate a substrate. Wherever possible!

What does LRV stand for?
Light Reflectance Value, commonly required for public areas, NHS and Education, ranging from 0-99 and a minimum of 20-30 points is required for safe contrast.

Does it affect fire door integrity? (Use carefully) **
Under the ‘direct field of application’ anything less than 1.5mm thick fixed to the face of a door is considered to be none contributing to its integrity.
However, it is advisable that whenever a fire door has been identified for wrapping, please advise that client to seek confirmation from their own fire officer responsible for the doors and abide by their detail!
REMEMBER! If you alter without authority, you will be responsible for that fire door!

Protective Film
All LX interior film have a protective layer applied at the last stage of manufacturing and forms a barrier for abrasion and staining.
NB: references EL & SW do not have this layer and are generally only suitable for vertical applications.