What is an interior film? A self-adhesive film designed for application onto a variety of different flat or curved interior surfaces.

Our range of self-adhesive PVC films are designed for both flat and curved interior applications onto many substrates that have a flat, even surface.

The air-free adhesive technology used in our interior films ensures a seamless bubble free installation providing a life expectancy of up to 10 years with a 3 year warranty.

LX interior film is manufactured from PVC, with zero phthalate plasticisers and no heavy metals providing a clean environment.

PVC is inherently impervious to germs harbouring on the surface and assists with a good cleaning regime to maintain high levels of hygiene.

It is used in Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Leisure and Transport, including Maritime, for its speed of installation and cost saving benefits to maximise occupancy and delay landfill.

Transform interior surfaces with a choice of 475 different textures and shades!

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