Interior films are a range of interesting & different self-adhesive PVC films for interior designers and refurbishment projects, designed for application onto a variety of interior surfaces.

Transform interior surfaces quickly, easily and cost-effectively with a choice of 475 different textures and shades from our complete range of LX Hausys interior films.

Our interior films are used in healthcare, education, hospitality, leisure and transport, including marine.

Fire and IMO certified.

Using interior film to refurbish rooms, furniture and interior surfaces offers huge cost saving benefits.

‘Air-free’ self-adhesive technology ensures a seamless bubble-free installation, and quick, mess-free installations resulting in minimised downtime and maximised room occupancy.

Exactly what is an interior film? We answer this question with this video explanation of the full range of LX BENIF interior deco films for refurbishment and interior design.

Expected life of up to 10 years, 3 year manufacturer warranty and a host of other benefits, including UPCYCLING, benefiting the environment through reducing landfill ….Why remove when you can improve?

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Upcycling. It’s the way forward.

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We stock hundreds of different vinyl based architectural interior films in a wide variety of textures and colours for all your interior design and refurbishment projects – whatever you need to fulfil your interior applications get in touch, we are here to help you.

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